Christmas Highlights

Christmas Special 7 πŸŽ…

Standardization and optimization are important steps in any workflow, but in clinical applications they’re essential. Oliver Kardell et al. showed just how important optimization and scientific exchange are.

Would you like to learn more, check out their OpenAccess paper here

Christmas Special 6 🌲 πŸ€ΆπŸ»πŸŽ…πŸ»

In their paper on β€žOn-tissue dataset-dependent MALDI-TIMS-MS2 bioimaging”, Steffen Heuckeroth et al. demonstrate a new strategy to acquire fragmentation spectra in MALDI-TIMS-MS studies: spatial ion mobility-scheduled exhaustive fragmentation (SIMSEF). The method enables a short pre-screening of molecular contents in your samples, followed by streamlined, data-dependent analyte selection and MS2 acquisition.
Want to learn more about the new, fancy abbreviation and all the fascinating analytical techniques involved? Read everything about it in this open-access article in Nature Communications, available here:

Christmas Special 5 🌲
Issar Arab et al. show how machine learning based rescoring can help to identify peptides with post-translational modifications in proteomics

Check it out:

Christmas Special 4! πŸŽ…

In nature biotechnology, Robin Schmid et al. showcase the latest developments in open-source MZmine 3. Combine steps of data processing modularly for all your MS needs!

Read the publication:

Download here:

Christmas special 3! πŸŽ…
Alex Inague & Lilian Costa Alecrim de Oliveira combined lipidomics and transcriptomics to have a closer look at the lipid composition and remodeling of our retina utilizing the OIR mouse model.


Check out their OpenAccess paper here:

Christmas special 2! πŸŽ…

Matthias Elinkmann et al. discuss single-cell ICP-MS and provide the readers with a new approach to evaluate their data. After a theoretical discussion – impressively stressing the benefits of their method! -, they finish with an application to a real-life example: monitoring endogenous elements in algae.

Sounds interesting? Have a look here:

We proudly present our first πŸŽ…-Highlight:

Til Kundlacz investigated peptide-lipid interactions by native MS, focussing on whether their observations from the gas phase can reflect the behaviour of complexes in solution.

Check out his exciting paper: